About Us

BIKEDAY began in 2020 when two friends turned founders, Calvin Gordon & Nathaniel Nuby, united by their passion for motorcycles embarked on weekly 'rideouts' together and christened those days 'BIKEDAY'. It often involved riding for miles in and around London, visiting bike shops, biker hangouts and drinking copious amounts of coffee. A couple of years later, they knew they had to open a business around their passion. 

Within a few months Bikeday Coffee was born and they opened their first biker-centric coffee shop inside of West London Bikes & Scooters. 6 months later they launched Bikeday.Store which is now the UK's fastest growing online gear & accessories store.

Spreading the joy of motorcycles and BIKEDAY to the wider community, as well as to new bikers has always been our goal & vision. BIKEDAY isn't a brand for it's founders & staff. It's a brand for the community. We are an open crew, welcoming all who love the 2 wheeled journey.